The importance of information for efficient irrigation

All these methods are valid, for the mere fact that they have yielded results. But with what precision?

Generally the perception of soil moisture by the farmer is biased since he does not see what happens below the surface, which leads to overwatering.

An efficient irrigation is an irrigation that allows to create and maintain in the soil an adequate water balance between water, air and soil particles, thus avoiding unnecessary stress of the plant, either by root asphyxia, or by deficit irrigation. Avoiding this stress, the plant achieves energy savings that are manifested in an increase in quality and production and greater environmental efficiency.

To achieve this goal, we need the information provided by the "Moisture Retention Curve" (CRH) of the soil in question. This curve describes how the estimated effort that the plant has to exert to remove a volume of water from the soil increases, as the soil loses moisture.


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