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Quality and Quantity Yield Improvement

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Reduction in water and inputs consumption

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Better profitability

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Environmental impact

Using the information provided by the interpretation of the data supplied by sensor in the field, the user can make the right decisions in the right time.

Our solutions are based on Descriptive and Prescriptive analysis.

How we do it

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of the water retention capacity of the soil

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of the soil and climate conditions

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of the user and customized counseling

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to assure operational continuity


Our methodology

The development of the aerial part of a plant depends on the development of the root, which, in turn, will depend on the soil having a good balance of aeration and moisture.


With the WISE method we create the right conditions to avoid unnecessary stress on the crop, allowing it to use all its energy to generate more production, of better quality. Our team of professionals works to provide technology for efficient irrigation of all types of crops.


Water is our most precious asset, at Wise Agrotecnología our work is focused on optimizing its consumption, having a direct impact on the sustainability of our environment.

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Reports and interviews

What growers think

Wise Agrotecnología agricultor

Paco Pérez Rodríguez


"I have a completely automated system, irrigation on demand, only what the plant asks for and when it needs it. The results have been great. We save water and fertiliser and the plant is healthier and is stress-free."

Wise Agrotecnología agricultor

Juan Gabriel Navarro


"The ground is like a sponge, if you give it too much water, it leaks and it goes to waste. In this case, at Wise, we ensure that the water is not lost below ground because only the water that is needed is given."

Wise Agrotecnología agricultor

Laurent López

Agricultural Engineer

"I have farmers who use this system and they are saving water and fertiliser and, most importantly, we have managed to optimise the crops because, with this method, a stronger and more powerful root is achieved which means they achieve higher quality fruits"

Wise Agrotecnología agricultor

Ramón López


"With this system I can better understand what the soil and the plant need. By not watering excessively, I don't create stress, which is healthier and its root system is stronger so I don't have humidity problems botrytis or ash"

Wise Agrotecnología agricultor

Víctor Fernández


"I control the irrigation times a lot more because my soil is complicated and thanks to the system, I have been able to refine and give the plants what they need. Production is better and there are less mistakes."

Wise Agrotecnología agricultor

Miguel Torres


"The system has 2 sensors, one deep and the other high, when you want to put down roots, what you are trying to do is to allow more humidity below and less above so that the key plant finds the root."

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