The importance of training for the implementation of technologies

In a previous post we pointed out the importance of information to achieve efficient irrigation.

In the current post we will emphasize the importance of training to assimilate the use of information and its interpretation in the process of making irrigation decisions.

Wise developed a holistic process comprised of three phases:

• Personalized study of the crop soil- Physical characteristics of the soil in terms of the Water retention capacity of the specific soil.

• Installation of high precision sensors and communication equipment.

• Training process with the objective that the farmer changes his way of irrigating, from an intuitive way to a cognitive way, based on information. This phase is the most important and the most difficult, since, to change a habit, it is necessary to carry out a long process of trial and error, until the farmer is convinced that the proposed way is better.


The process ends when the farmer sees total coherence between what he perceives of the state of his plants/trees, what he sees in his soil and what the stress graphs show.

In short, the objective of this process is to achieve and maintain a "water balance" in the area with root activity, so that the proportion of moisture and oxygen is adequate for the development of the plant. Training allows you to find the right watering regimen to achieve and maintain that balance.


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