We offer technological solutions for efficient irrigation

About us

Our journey started 15 years in a mega irrigation project of sugar cane for Ethanol in South America. Witnessing the scarcity of water resources was the inspiration for developing a technology that will enable advanced decision-making based on information to reduce unnecessary water consumption and other inputs.


Wise Irrisystem was founded in 2010 with a clear vision of empowering farmers by providing them with rel time precision agriculture tools that utilize data and advanced analytics.


Right from the start, it was not only about the technology nor the hardware, but rather a holistic approach that makes Wise Irrisytem stand out from the crowd:

  • Advanced analysis algorithms of the external conditions that affect the crop (mainly soil and climate)
  • Online monitoring tools
  • Training programs for data-driven decisions making.

    This combination is what makes Wise Irrisytem different.

We know that measuring and visualizing data is not enough. It is about accurate and online monitoring and advanced analytics, and above all, it is the connection of the human factor that makes the difference.


By developing and implementing technological solutions for innovative irrigation efficiency implementing our methodology, we support productivity and optimization in the use of water resources while enabling environmental and sustainable agriculture.


Wise Agrotecnología is a Spanish company headquartered in Almeria (Spain). Today with an international presence and over 12 years of experience with more than 2500 installations.