The solution process

Radio Frequency equipment

Wise Sol is the most spread-out version due to its scalability and the possibility to include a large number of measurement stations in the field, communicating by radio frequency to a Gate Way.

It has been designed for any type of crop, can include more than 60 stations per Gateway sending data to this one which sends the data to the cloud, cableless and no need of internet connection in the field.

WIKIT- Autonomous equipment

Wikit is the auto installable version of Wise, it registers the sensors measurements and send them directly to the cloud.


Wikit uses a battery powered by a solar panel, and specially adapted for farms that need a reduced number of stations.


Wikit is a portable device easily moved to different locations.

Available with 4G/3G/2G, Narrow Band (LTE) and SigFox offering the best coverage.

Tension graphics

Our high precision electronic tensiometers measure the water tension in different soil depth.


The tension interval boundaries are determined by a soil analysis in our laboratory from which we obtain the real water retention curve enabling the user to perform a precise irrigation from day one.


This analysis helps the user understand how his soil works.


In that way, comparing the actual water tension in soil with the recommended tension, the user can make his adequate decisions.

Wise Agrotecnología Gráficas

Air temperature and humidity Graphic with Vapor Deficit Pressure calculation (VPD)

From the VDP values the user obtains information about the level of the plant transpiration and when a stomatal closure occurs, in which case he can avoid unnecessary fertirrigation.


The user is notified to his smartphone extreme values


It also calculate the accumulation of heat units/minute.

Wise Agrotecnología Gráficas

iOS and Android APP

Wise solutions process the soil information from your farm in real time, thanks to the mobile app you can find out its condition at any time, from wherever you are.

Irrigation activation

Water based on sensor measurements

Automatic activation by sensors

Activate the irrigation according the sensors. Set 2 schedules the value or range of the sensors.

Wise Agrotecnología control de riego

Manual remote activation

Directly activate the programs of the irrigation programmer from our APP based on the alarms of the sensors

Wise Agrotecnología control de riego

Special features


We measure three variables in real time:

We continuously measure three variables:


  1. The water tension in the substrate.
  2. The electrical conductivity (EC) and the pH of drainage.
  3. The volume of each irrigation, of it’s Drainage and the subsequent drainage Percentage.

Maintaining the tension within the recommended limits, as by its retention curve analysis and fixing the drainage % to obtain A stable EC, we can determine the “Comfort Zone” and the action items when we leave it.

The process commences with the water retention capacity of the substrate to avoid root asphyxia or lack of water.


Following, we fix the drainage level to maintain a stable EC within the pre-established boundaries. By measurement of the tension, the EC and the drainage, we obtain full control of the soilless crops.

Wise Agrotecnología gráficas

Graph 1: Irrigation and drainage volume and its %

Wise Agrotecnología gráficas

Graph 2: Tension and drainage EC

Special features

Wise Agrotecnología iconos

Field notebook

to register the various activities in the crop

Wise Agrotecnología iconos


Graphic and tabular display of the sensor’s measurements.

Wise Agrotecnología iconos

Data export

Export data to Excel and CSV format.

Wise Agrotecnología iconos

Documentary module

module to upload and store documents, analysis results, pictures, etc. in the cloud.

Wise Agrotecnología iconos

Video tutorials

Video tutorials on installation, training help and troubleshooting.

Wise Agrotecnología iconos


Configuration of extreme values alarms to be sent to the mobile device.

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Web and app

Available web portal and APP (iOS and Android)

Wise Agrotecnología iconos


The system offers an API that enables the integration of the data in another platform.